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Our SaaS platform integrates marketing data and delivers rich dashboards.




Powerful, Flexible Hot Topic Detection

Our topic analysis gives you the flexibility to analyze the way you want with your data and the power to discover what is hot in your data, while gaining valuable insight into topic your customer's most concern about.

You also have the option of using our data from news, forums and social networks like Instagram, Weibo, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. So now a lot less work for you to do and the possibilities are endless.


Trace Influential User in Facebook

Trace action of user who have great power influence in your market/social. You can trace the followers of the user, extract hot keyword from the post the user publish. Knowing what is most popular in the realm you concern.


Monitor Social Media for Leads

Find out potential key oponion leader from your social network. You can create keywords to track life events like 'marriage', 'new job', 'pregnancy' and 'buying home'. Then we'll keep track of these keywords for you, find out posts from your social network that match and then alert you so you can take action.


Profile your Customers with Social Media

Knowing your customers is one of the most important parts of your business. Creating a customer profile typically involves a lot of research like interviews and surveys. On the other hand, social media can also provide you valuable information to help you understand your customers. Hibuzzer summarizes for you what your customers like, what their interests are, who their friends are, how influential their friends are and also where are the popular places your customers like to check into.


Hibuzzer is one of application provided by Master Concept. Master Concept provides technology services and cloud advisory to improve customer experience for the world’s leading brands. Leveraging cloud technologies, we are serving more than thousands enterprises around Asia Pacific. Our team provides cloud strategy, software development and integration support, as well as training and platform enhancements for clients across all industries. Master Concept is the first and the top Hong Kong Google Premier partner and Google services provider. Over the past years, we have received numerous awards from Google in recognition to our outstanding performance / achievements!




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Headquartered in Hong Kong, we are a team of experts on social data. We help brands leverage social data to benchmark with their competitors and improve their marketing decisions. We provide a social listening platform that tracks you and your competitor's social activities.